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Shuswap Falls RV Resort

Big Rig Friendly RV Resort-in Enderby, BC- Shuswap Falls RV Resort

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The Club

Welcome to the Shuswap Falls RV Club, a membership community on the property of the Shuswap Falls RV Resort.
Shuswap Falls RV Club is a "not for profit" Co-operative formed under the Societies Act of British Columbia specifically to own and manage the Shuswap Falls RV Resort. The property has been a popular camping location for decades. In 2001 the property was acquired by the Developer and converted into a co-op RV resort where individuals purchase a membership that gives then exclusive use of a specific lot at the resort. Sales started in earnest in 2006 and continue today as the Developer still has a few lots (memberships) for sale. There are 132 lots in the resort, so theoretically, the co-op could have up to 132 members. Some individuals have chosen to buy multiple memberships. While membership gives the individual exclusive use of a particular lot and a proportional share in the ownership of the whole Resort, members are not on title for a specific lot. Membership in the co-op can only be sold, willed or transferred by the cancellation of the original Personal Use Licence and issuance of a new one by the Co-op. A transfer fee, payable by the seller, applies to such "Re- Sale".

Membership is granted by the Board of Directors of the Co-op following the signing of a Membership and Personal Use Licence Contract with the developer. The resort is designed as an RV park, not a mobile home park. It is not open in the winter months, although members can store their rig on the lot assigned to them year round. The Resort has been run since 2008 by an elected Board of Directors, with day to day management of the operations delegated to hired managers. The Resort offers daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rentals as well as a home base for all the members Shuswap Falls RV Club. Of course rental availability will taper off as the resort becomes "sold out". Members can rent their site when they are not occupying it: the management team facilitates this as well as rentals on the remaining unsold spots. Operation of the resort is supported by annual dues paid by each member and by rental revenue.

Look through this web site and if, you wish, check out the Developer's site at to see why we members love it here at Shuswap Falls Resort.