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Shuswap Falls RV Resort

Big Rig Friendly RV Resort-in Enderby, BC- Shuswap Falls RV Resort

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 The Shuswap River

The Shuswap River winds its way from Mabel Lake in the Monashees, past green pastures and rural villages on its way to Mara Lake. The Shuswap River is a salmon spawning ground. Please treat our river with the courtesy and respect that it deserves. Pack out what you pack in. Ensure that you are not negatively impacting the environment.

*** The Shuswap River provides an almost limitless supply of recreational opportunities, and swimming is chief among them. It is important to stay safe when swimming in a river, where, unlike swimming pools, you are in an unpredictable element of nature. Take some precautions and enjoy your time on the river.

The river can be most relaxing. Sitting back and reading a book, with the river as your backdrop. This picture was taken along the Shuswap River at the Shuswap Falls RV Resort.

During the heat wave in the summer of 2012, residents of the Shuswap Falls RV Resort spent a lot of time in the river. Sitting around, catching some rays and cooling off!

Does it get any better than this?

Sitting along the Shuswap Falls RV Resort
Conversations in the Shuswap River

Float the Shuswap River

A very popular leisure activity for those coming into the area

Tubing down the Shuswap River

And who says Rover can’t tube

Dog Tubing on the Shuswap River

Photo: courtesy of The North Valley Echo

Please read the Tubing Page of the Enderby Chamber of Commerce before floating on the Shuswap River.

Shuswap Falls RV Resort residents coming in from the float

 Fish on the Shuswap River


Freshwater Fish at Mabel Lake, BC

Freshwater Fishing Regulations
Get your online fishing license
Fishing at Mabel Lake

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