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Shuswap Falls RV Resort

Big Rig Friendly RV Resort-in Enderby, BC- Shuswap Falls RV Resort

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All in a day at the Shuswap Falls RV Resort

If you’re looking for a place to “get away from it all”, you’ve found it. Only 22 km off the hwy andmist on river 2 you’ve stepped into what seems like another world. I begin my day with coffee in hand, sitting on my deck and looking at what’s around me. It’s something you can never get enough of.
This morning I look at  the mist hanging over the river as the sun comes up over the mountain and the resident eagle breaks the silence with its screech.  Fall is here.
This summer was an exceptionally hot one and the big decision of the day would have been to either have fun in the sun or find a piece of shade and relax with a book. The Shuswap River offers us endless activities. Sitting in the river was both cooling and entertaining as you watched the tubers floating by the resort on their way downstream.  Or you could have decided to “take on” SFRVC-rivertubing1the
river and put your tube in up the road and get in an hour float back to the resort. These fun-filled days are too short and before you know it we’re thinking about what’s for supper. Maybe supper has been in the crockpot all day or we’ll have guests over for a bbq. In the meantime, it’s 4 o’clock and there’s a happy hour somewhere. Time to make new friends or catch up with the old.
After supper, what’s the first think we think of? Most of us are drawn to the firepit for the final touch of the day. We may roast some marshmallows with the kids or just sit back and have a drink. As we stare into the flames, we think about the day we’ve just had. With the crackling fire in the background, you listen to everyones’ stories of their day. You look around. You see the expressions on their faces, hear the sounds of laughter, and you know they all feel the same way. They had a great day too and wish it would never end
.Spring rain at Shuswap Falls RV Resort
Now, it’s not guaranteed you’ll have this everyday. It has to rain sometime, which will again, offer you a different experience. Maybe venture out and explore some of the area. But rain or shine, it’s there if you want it.

L Wilson
(owner/member of SFRVC)
Sept 1/2012


I love it that there is always someone to visit with in the park.
I love it that the corn lady told me to eat corn raw, and it was soooooo good.
I love it that the corn lady gave me a great recipe for freezing corn.( I will share if anyone wants it)
I love it that Kim and I made it down the river in our kayaks over 30 times this summer!
I love it that we only had a fire ban for one week.
I love the Enderby flea market.
I love the our club house, we used it lots this year, and it was so great to have it available.
I love that there are some really great people in our park.
I love it that JoAnne gave me her chocolate cake recipe (I will share if anyone wants it!)
I love the park, we all love the park, we are lucky to have this park!

V Kennedy
(owner/member of SFRVC)
Sept 1/2012